The following are some of our valued presenters – teachers, judges, economists, business managers, accountants and more!  


    The Hon. Justice Michelle Quigley

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) in 2019: challenges, reforms and how it seeks to uphold fairness, equality and access

Justice Quigley was appointed as a justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2017 and became the President of Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in 2018 – the first woman to that role. Justice Quigley will provide an insight into the challenges VCAT faces and its work to improve access to dispute resolution.

Legal Studies   |   MA06

    Brad Hordern

Improving efficiency and productivity: supply chain management and the operating system at the DuluxGroup

Brad is the Executive General Manager for DuluxGroup. He will provide insight into the crucial role supply chain management performs to improve efficiency and productivity of the operating system.

Business Management | MA04

    Mark Holton FCPA

The new age accountant: becoming a financial story teller and The firm of the near future: what will accounting services look like and be

Mark is the Director of Smithlink Advisor. He has developed specialised presentation skills with extensive experience in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada. Mark will outline how today’s accountant has to be a proficient storyteller, extracting meaning from the numbers and helping clients understand their financial story.

Accounting | MA03 and MC02

    Kirsten Walker QC

Abortion access zones and the implied freedom of political matters: a discussion of the High Court’s recent decision

Kristen Walker QC, Solicitor-General for Victoria, will focus on the High Court’s decision in Clubb v Edwards & Anor; Preston v Avery & Anor [2019] HCA 11. Her presentation will include a summary of the relevant Victorian and Tasmanian legislation that prohibits protests at certain premises, the challenges made by the appellants, and the decision of the High Court. Kristen will address the the Court’s application of the implied freedom of political communication, with a particular focus on the Court’s reasoning that the burden imposed by the relevant prohibitions was justified.

Legal Studies   |   MC08

    Sasha Mildenhall

Differentiation in teaching Accounting

Teaching at Taylors Lakes Secondary College and a 2019 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellow, Sasha will outline the case for differentiated teaching and what to consider in planning to differentiate your everyday VCE Accounting teaching and learning.

Accounting   |   TB04

    The Hon. Justice Kevin Bell AM

Fairness and equality: how they play out in a courtroom – a judge’s perspective

Justice Bell AM of the Supreme Court of Victoria will share his views on the meaning of fairness and equality from the perspective of a judge. How do they overlap? How do they play out in a case?

Legal Studies | TA08

    Alex Shain

The Final Quarter - human rights, culture and identity: curriculum materials for use with students

Alex is the Education Director of The Final Quarter project. The Final Quarter is a documentary about the final stages of footballer Adam Goodes’ career and explores notions of racism, culture and identity. Curriculum materials have been produced and these will be showcased.

Levels 7 to 10 Civics and Citizenship and Of interest to All | MB01 and MB13

    Emma Dawson

Equity and inequality in Australia

Emma is the Executive Director of Per Capita and is a regular on the ABC TV program The Drum. Emma will share her dedication in fighting inequality in Australia. Rising income inequality has been a hot topic in Australia this year and Emma will outline the latest data on poverty and inequality.

Economics | MB09

    Cathryn Wills

Sans Beast: developing a vegan accessory brand business

Founder of Sans Beast, Cathryn will share what inspired her to become an entrepreneur by building an animal friendly business from the ground up.

Business Management | MD06

    Michael McKiterick

The VLRC’s inquiry into committal proceedings, victims and early guilty pleas

Michael is a Team Leader - Committals, Victorian Law Reform Commission. Michael will consider whether Victoria should maintain, abolish, replace or reform the present committal system, how to encourage appropriate early guilty pleas, and ways to minimise the need for vulnerable witnesses to give evidence multiple times.

Legal Studies | MB11

    Michelle van der Merwe

Economic growth: recent thinking around measuring growth

Michelle is a Senior Economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. Michelle will outline the RBA’s approach to understanding developments in Australia’s economic growth.

Economics | MC07

    Professor Gigi Foster and Peter Martin

The Economists Live: ABC Radio National

Known to their many listeners simply as The Economists from their popular ABC RN radio show and podcast, join Professor Gigi Foster and Peter Martin live as they unpack the world of economics and current thinking in the discipline.

Economics | MD07

    Piers Mossuto

Caffeine-minded entrepreneurs enter the war on waste

Piers is the co-founder of Crema Joe, an online store selling reusable coffee capsule brands, will outline how their online business was created to meet the customer trend of wanting to reduce capsual waste and what they see as the future of their business.

Business Management | MB06

     Mary-Jane Logan

Civics and Citizenship 101: your digital guide to democracy

Mary-Jane is the Learning Design Producer at the Museum of Australian Democracy. In this workshop participants will explore a range of classroom ready and curriculum aligned resources as well as some solid gold facts and information - all designed to get you passionate and excited and to amaze your students.

Levels 7 to 10 Civics and Citizenship | MA02 

    Ross Gittins

Secular stagnation comes to Australia

Economics Comview favourite, journalist and economist-at-large, Ross Gittins will argue that Australia is entering a period of 'secular stagnation' - a situation where a market-based economy experiences ongoing, long-term low or no economic growth.  If you're wanting to unpack the puzzle that is the current Australian economy, don't miss this presentation by Ross.

Economics   |   TB09

    Placido Belardo

The Disability Discrimination Legal Service: upholding the principles of justice

Placido is the Principal Solicitor at the Disability Discrimination Legal Service Inc. and has worked in the field of discrimination law for over 20 years. Placido will explore question of fairness and equity in the legal system.

Legal Studies | TC10

    Greg Gould

Graphical representation: how to model, interpret and analyse accounting information - advanced group and Graphical representation: how to model, interpret and analyse accounting information - for beginners

Greg will demonstrate a range of tasks using spreadsheets to develop basic skills in formatting, using formulas and constructing charts. One of his sessions is for beginners and the other for advanced users.

Accounting | MC03 and ME02

    Evan Davey

Building and taking a digital product to the world stage: Two Bulls

Two Bulls is a digital product developer with clients including ANZ, Disney, Qantas, the ABC, Microsoft and The Wiggles. Evan, CEO and Founder of Two Bulls, will outline the journey to become a digital product developer.

Business Management | ME05

    Megan McCrone and Sarah Kippen

The Constitution, elections and parliament: activities, strategies and resources

Megan from the Australian Electoral Commission and Sarah from the Parliamentary Education Office, join forces to deliver a rich workshop filled with ready-to-go activities and resources for participants to use in the classrooms. Included will be learning and teaching of constitutional change in Australia, thinking about democracy, the law-making process, electoral education and a whole lot more.

Levels 7 to 10 Civics and Citizenship | MD02


    Dr David Orsmond

The importance of supply-side policies 

Dr Orsmond draws on his extensive experience at the Reserve Bank of Australia and the International Monetary Fund to unpack the importance of supply-side policies in the management of the economy. Dr Orsmond is known for his passion for economics and his engaging presentation style.

Economics | TA07

    Kylie Witt

Imbedding career education across the curriculum

As a Senior Program Officer, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Kylie will outline a new project focusing on the integration of career education across the learning disciplines.

Levels 7 to 10 Economics and Business and Of Interest To All | TB02 and TB12

    Jim Ouliaris

It’s a HIT! Using High Impact Teaching Strategies in a Legal Classroom: using the 10 HITS across the Units

Each year at Comview, VCTA recognises the late Ian Greene’s contribution to business education. This year’s Ian Greene Memorial session is TC12 Using High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) in the Legal Studies classroom presented by Assisting Principal Jim Ouliaris, Canterbury’s Girls Secondary College.

Legal Studies   |   TC12

     David Bitton

Cooking up a brand: marketing and more

David is a French-born and trained chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur. Refreshingly honest and entertaining, David will provide an account of his Bitton food business journey and how he has built his brand to reach national and international markets.

Business Management | MC04 

    Tamara Cole

The High Court’s 2019 Timber Creek decision: a significant native title decision since Mabo

Tamara, lawyer at Northern Land Council, solicitors for the Ngaliwurru and Nungali Peoples, will take you through the High Court 2019, Timber Creek decision and its significance to native title decisions.

Legal Studies | TB11

    Sharyn d’souza and Sandra Surace

Be You: actively promoting mental health - a whole school approach to improving student wellbeing

Join Sharyn and Sandra as they provide an overview of Be You, a program to actively promote mental health and support teachers in providing early support to students.

Of Interest To All | MD11



    Danielle Wood

The 2019-20 Budget, tax cuts and tax reform

Budget Policy and Institutional Reform Program Director of Grattan Institute, Danielle will analyse the implications of recent tax cuts in terms of curbing the potential for future taxation reform.

Economics | MA05

    Sarah Rogan

Corporate social responsibility in the global supply chain: the What she makes campaign

Sarah is Advocacy Lead of Oxfam’s campaign What she makes. The campaign outlines the garment supply chain in Dhaka and explores living wages for garment workers in Bangladesh.

Levels 7 to 10 Civics and Citizenship and Business Management | MB03 and MB07

    Leigh Edward

Trials and tribulations of establishing a new business venture

So Soft Marshmallow Co’s, Leigh Edward will share the trials and tribulations he encountered when the business idea first sparked in 2015. As one of Australia’s largest marshmallow manufacturers and market leaders, Leigh was awarded “Young Business Person of the Year 2018” in the Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards.

Business Management | TC05