Comview has more than 110 sessions. The following are some of more than 120 valued presenters.

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  • Ruslan Kogan

    Ruslan Kogan

    Ruslan Kogan is an Australian entrepreneur and ambassador for the retail and technology industries. He came from humble beginnings to become one of Australia’s most successful businessmen. Ruslan launched in 2006 from his parent’s garage in Melbourne, growing it to become Australia's leading pureplay online retail website. is a portfolio of retail and services businesses including Kogan Retail (the and retail websites), Kogan Marketplace, Kogan Mobile, Kogan Internet, Kogan Insurance, Kogan Travel and Kogan Money. The Kogan brand is renowned for price leadership through digital efficiency. Ruslan will share how he started the business and used technology to become a world-wide success.
 Business Management session MA06

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  • Neale Sutton

    Neale Sutton

    Neale Sutton is co-founder and Managing Director of Humanihut, an inexpensive, innovative, foldable and rapidly deployable shelter system. Neale’s experience in the military inspired this business idea. Prior to Humanihut, Neale was Marketing Manager for the Military Division of Minelab Electronics, Executive Director of Country Operations for the South Australian Ambulance Service, CEO of RSPCA and an advisor to the United Nations. He currently commands the Army’s youth development program, the Australian Army Cadet Brigade (SA). Neale will share how he gained significant government funding, and the partnerships which have assisted him in bringing the product to market. He will also explore the domestic and global challenges he faced in getting this unique shelter system to places of need.
 Business Management session TC07

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  • Jessica Irvine

    Jessica Irvine

    Jessica Irvine is an economics writer for The Sydney Morning Herald where she writes regular opinion columns, compiles the weekly Irvine Index and is a member of the paper’s editorial writing team. Jessica is a regular panellist on Channel 10’s Meet the Press and Richard Glover’s ABC 702 Drive program.
 Economics session MA08

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  • Nick McGuigan

    Nick McGuigan

    Associate Professor Nick McGuigan is the Director of Education in the Department of Accounting for the Monash Business School and has published widely in international and education journals. Nick co-founded The Accountability Institute to push forward accounting education in creative and dynamic ways. Nick will focus on the future of Accounting and questions of ethics.
 Accounting session TA04

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  • Angelia Grant

    Angelia Grant

    Dr Angelia Grant is the Head of the Macroeconomic Conditions Division in the Australian Treasury. This Division monitors and assesses economic developments in Australia and key global economies. Join Angelia as she illustrates macroeconomic trends in Australia.
 Economics session TB09

    • ECO
  • Julie Cameron

    Julie Cameron

    A business award winner, Julie is Co-owner and Director of Meredith Dairy, a vertically integrated, family farming enterprise, milking sheep and goats and manufacturing milk into specialist dairy products. Julie will provide a case study of the operations management of a socially and environmentally responsible business, and the challenges of exporting into sustainable domestic and export markets.
 Business Management session MC05

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  • Sarah Kaine

    Sarah Kaine

    Associate Professor Sarah Kaine is Research Director: Future of Work, Organising and Enterprise in the Centre for Business and Social Innovation (UTS Business School). Sarah is active on a number of boards and is a member of the advisory group for the Centre for Future Work. With co-presenter Professor Emmanuel Josserand, this session explores the impact of the rise in casual, contract and freelance work on the economy. 
Levels 7 to 10 session TC01 and Economics session TC09

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  • Richard Murray

    Richard Murray

    Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of JB Hi-Fi, Richard has over 20 years’ experience in retail and finance. Joining JB Hi-Fi in 2003 as the CFO, he took the business through the Initial Public Offering Process. Richard will provide an overview of JB Hi-Fi operations – from mergers, to CSR, technology and more! Business Management session TA07

    • BUSMAN
  • Miranda Stewart

    Miranda Stewart

    Professor Miranda Stewart teaches and researches in the areas of tax law and policy including taxation of business and investment entities, tax and development, not-for-profits, and tax reform in the context of globalisation. Miranda will explore the economic implications of recent tax and welfare reform in Australia.
 Economics session ME06

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  • Simon Rowe

    Simon Rowe

    Simon is the founder of sleepbus – a social enterprise to provide homeless people with a safe and good night’s sleep. In this presentation Simon provides a case study of a business start up with an ethical focus.
 Accounting session MB04

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  • Brendan Coates

    Brendan Coates

    Media conversations abound on the economics and politics of housing affordability. Join Brendan, the Australian Perspectives Fellow at Grattan Institute and the co-author of Grattan Institute’s recent report Housing Affordability: re-imagining the Australian Dream, as he addresses issues on housing affordability and inter-generational equity. Economics session TA09

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  • Annie Buckeridge

    Annie Buckeridge

    Annie is $20 Boss Manager at the Foundation for Young Australians. $20 Boss is an immersive entrepreneurship program for secondary school students. Students are provided $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate their venture over the course of a school term. Learn more and take away great ideas to use with students. Levels 7 to 10 Economics and Business session TD01

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  • Amanda Ritter

    Amanda Ritter

    A business teacher for over 20 years, with many high scoring VCE students, Amanda is now Commerce Coordinator for the Master of Teaching course at the Melbourne University Graduate School of Education. Join Amanda as she demonstrates teaching and learning strategies to foster metacognition.
 Of interest to all session MA11

  • Ross Gittins AM

    Ross Gittins AM

    Ross is back to explore the rise of fiscal policy in macro-economic management. Ross is the Economics Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and an Economic Columnist for The Age. For 45 years he has had a ringside seat as the Australian economy has gone through radical change. 
Economics session MB09

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  • Sean Sands

    Sean Sands

    Sean is Co-Director of the Customer Experience & Insight Research Group and Associate Professor of Marketing at Swinburne Business School. Sean has delivered seminars globally on retail innovation, design thinking and customer experience strategies. In this presentation Sean profiles the changing face of retail and the impact on marketing strategies.
 Business Management session MB08

    • BUSMAN
  • Peter Martin

    Peter Martin

    Peter is business and economy editor of The Conversation. A former economics editor of The Age and economics correspondent for ABC radio, he has reported economics since 1985. Co-presenter of The Economists on ABC Radio National, Peter’s presentation will ask how to improve Australia’s superannuation system.
 Economics session MC07

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  • Emmanuel Josserand

    Emmanuel Josserand

    Professor of Management at UTS and Director of the Centre for Business and Social Innovation, Emmanuel’s research focuses on intra- and inter-organisational networks, including in relation to organisational, business and social innovation. With co-presenter Associate Professor Sarah Kaine, Emmanuel explores the impact of the rise in casual, contract and freelance work on the economy. Levels 7 to 10 session TC01 and Economics session TC09

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